The following explains what you should NOT do for the next 24 hours after waxing or until redness has disappeared:

. avoid taking hot bath/showers

. avoid rubbing the area that has been waxed

. avoid swimming for 24 hours

. avoid sunbathing, sunbeds, saunas or any other heat treatments

. avoid wearing tights or tight clothing

. do not use perfumed products (shower gel, talc, deodorant, perfume or scented moisturisers)

. do not apply deodorant for 12 hours after underarm wax

. do not apply makeup for 12 hours after facial waxing

We encourage you to do the following after 24 hours:

. exfoliate with a body scrub 2-3 times a week

. moisturise daily

. return for follow-up appointments 4-6 weeks or as advised by the therapist

. if you have any queries or problems do not hesitate to contact the salon for advice

. avoid all other methods of hair removal in between treatments to maximise benefits



. avoid rubbing or touching the eyes

. avoid using mascara as it clogs artificial lashes and can damage the artificial lashes when being   removed

. avoid extreme temperatures as they can cause the lashes to become frizzy (sauna)

. do not touch the lashes for the first 2 hours after application

. avoid contact with moisturisers or oil based products on the eye area (no oil based eye makeup   remover to be used)

. pat the eyes clean with a clean towel after washing, do not rub

. do not attempt to remove the lashes, come into the salon for this to be done

. infills should be done every 2 weeks or as advised by the therapist